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World Chemical Group Co.,Ltd.
We are Chemical sell and import Leadership for industry and SMEs.


1.       General Chemical for Food Industrial Chemistry, Textile, Cleaning, Casting-Molding, Cosmetic, Handicraft and Swimming pools

2.       Perfume: Essentials Oil, Fragrances Oil and Perfume Oil
Natural Extract : Chili, ZingiberCassumunarRoxb, Curcuma Longa L., Coffee etc.
Flavoring Agent: Fruit, Flower, Meat, Alcohol etc.
Spa Massage Oil

3.       Scientific Equipment for Laboratory, Hospital and School

4.       Tester: Chemical Tester for Food, pH Tester, Chlorine Tester, Rust Tester, Hard Tester (Water)

5.       Colour: Food Colouring, Dyeing Colour, Candle Colouring, Resin Colouring

6.       Diaphragm Metering Pump

7.       Water Filter and Cartridge: Filter tank, Water Filter Element

8.       Products for Swimming Pools: Filters, Pump, Salt Systems, Cleaners and also building, Set up and Maintenance pools system,
We founded on May 15, 1995. We can service to all province in the North as we have 5 companies in our group separate in Chiang Mai, Lamphun, Chiang Rai, Lampang and Phitsanulok. We engrossed to get to ISO certification standard so you can trust that we will give the highest benefits to our customers.


Chemical leadership with universal standard for customer satisfaction

Quality Policy

Willing to service, Develop organization, Quality&Services care to be Chemical leadership



Quality&Service care

 As we emphasize on our service and quality, we engrossed to get ISO 9001:2014 certification. Doing our service to be universal standard and respond customer needs. We will be 20th anniversary in 2015. This can prove our reliable and our developing.


Thank you for choosing us
  World Chemical Group


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